The State of the Ashcan

As you may already know, Mountain Home is currently playable but still needs work. I hope to work on more of these as the game gets attention and I get funding. In particular, I hope to get enough money to pay a single artist to do all of the art within the book.

Here's the progress so far:

  • Complete: The rules necessary to play the game
  • More advice, random tables, and rules clarifications
  • Complete: PDF Bookmarks
  • Complete: Index and table of contents
  • Complete: Playbook sheets
  • Complete: Settlement sheets
  • Print and play settlement building cards
  • Professional art
  • Professional editing and sensitivity reading
  • Complete: Virtual tabletop support: Google sheets
  • Virtual Tabletop support on Roll20, Foundry, or both
  • Print on demand
  • Complete: Rules for solo play
  • Complete: A guide for running one-shots

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