Mountain Home June Update

Well folks, it's time for another Mountain Home update. I had originally been hoping to add the chapter art in this update, but coordinating art can be a bit of a challenge so that will have to wait. I've decided that there's enough nice new stuff at this point that I'm better off releasing and letting people enjoy it. 

Here's what's made it into the new version:

  • New underground discovery mechanism for each of the settlement goals
  • New advice on creating faction clocks and goals
  • When encountering factions on the way to the mountain home, encounter one faction per group member (including the GM) rather than all factions. The faction where the GM would be rolling is instead set to a -2. Players are no longer all required to be rolling for the faction they created, for flexibility. To increase the chances that rolls have wide-ranging results, remove the ability to spend treasure to improve the result.
  • Previously the game was missing advancement rules for special actions: Now you may level special actions by spending 1 spirit of the mountain status and clearing any filled XP bar.
  • Add in pushing yourself for effect, which is in many other FitD games already
  • New building: Orrery
  • Alphabetize the buildings
  • Add the section on flashbacks that I somehow managed to miss including in the book
  • Clarification on armor re-use and item activation duration (you can only use armor once. You get an activated item for the rest of the year)
  • Some claim type reworks: Rename "Abandoned settlement" to "Ancient ruin", replace "Lost Civilization" with Remant Worksite
  • Clarify Exodus settlement goal ability "Domestication Techniques"
  • Describe the possibility of the veteran ability in the book text
  • Fix some formatting issues
  • General minor text clarifications and fixes throughout the text

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